Practice Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is focused on prevention of oral health conditions such as periodontal disease and oral decay.  We try to develop a long term relationship to help keep oral diseases at a low risk thereby improving the quality of life and reducing potential unforeseen costs of inconsistent health management.  Our goal to help our patients understand the cause and effect of certain health conditions, family health history and the effect of personal healthcare decisions.   This is done with an understanding of the physical and resource parameters of each individual with a focus on prioritization of care as to reduce potential medical emergencies.

After an initial consultation we hope to have our patients feel comfortable with their environment and their care.  Our practice is heavily focused upon education and a collective sense of general health related issues from which there maybe an oral health relationship.  From our experience we have found that the patients who are best served are those who have a better understanding of collective health issues and lifestyle habits and risks.  Some of these can be of the simplest aspects of a daily routine.  

We have a very wide range of patients from pre-school aged kids to retirees.  We also have a long history of working with significant numbers of patients with disabilities.  When we are presented with patients who have multiple medical issues, we separate urgent and non urgent care as well as differentiate between basic healthcare treatments to reduce emergency visits and care associated with long term reconstruction/ rehabilitative goals.  Our emphasis is always on the comfort of the patient in the office as well as at home.  We are primarily focused on hygiene and prevention but also have a lot of experience in handling more acute cases with prioritization of immediate need and management of less urgent dental needs with moderation.

In the Medical field, certain diagnosis can lead to catastrophic physical and economic consequences.  In some cases this can also be true in the Dental field.  Although the differences are relative and on a totally different level but can still present patients with a difficult situation.  Our practice approach over the years has helped patients who fall within this description gradually rehabilitate their oral condition to help bring about better personal control of their health issues and risks.

A patient who is well served is one who has a collective understanding of medical cause and effect from the early stages of physical development and living environment.  When a person becomes older, their medical situation may change based upon their changing environment as well as family medical history.  A consistent prevention program reduces the health risk significantly as well as reducing the overall cost of medical care throughout a lifetime.

A happier and better quality of life is the ultimate goal and reward.